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All about cats


The meal should be given to the cat at a certain time, of course, adjusted to the schedule of your life, and once the schedule is established, it is advisable not to change it so as not to disturb the digestive physiology of the animal. An adult cat eats once or twice a day. Refined in everything, the cat is such especially in relation to its diet, and it is not uncommon for it to prefer to fast for days rather than eat a meal that it does not like. In the Pet Center you will definitely find food that your cat will be happy to eat, and the best choice is super premium food, which is perfectly balanced with all the necessary ingredients, very tasty, so cats are happy to eat it. If you want to switch to new foods, do so by mixing old and new foods and gradually increasing the amount of new ones. Cats like milk, but due to the high level of lactose, it will cause diarrhea in most people. As an alternative to cats, you can offer specially formulated cat milk that you can buy at the Pet Center. Water, fresh and clean, should be available to cats at all times. Cats also like sweets, just be sure to limit their dosage according to the instructions on the package. Get food and water containers and clean them regularly.


Cats should be vaccinated with polyvalent vaccines against viral infectious diseases of cats. The basic vaccination is given to cats older than 9 weeks twice with an interval of 4 weeks.

Kittens younger than 9 weeks can be vaccinated, but after the first dose, the vaccine is given every 3-4 weeks until the animal is 12 weeks old. Revaccination is carried out to maintain continuous protection. After the basic vaccination, it is necessary to vaccinate cats once a year. Cats older than 3 months can also be vaccinated against rabies.

Fleas and ticks

A cat can pick up fleas anywhere. In order to eliminate them, in addition to the cat, you must also treat the whole house - carpets, curtains, parquet, blankets and the cat's bed. It is very important to treat the cat against endo and ecto parasites at the same time because fleas transmit some of the developmental forms of tapeworms which is very important later in old age. If you have several animals in the house, we advise you to treat all animals against parasites at the same time.

Ticks, so common in dogs, are very rare in cats, but if you find them, you can remove them with tweezers. You can also get special tweezers for removing ticks at the Pet Center. You must be careful to remove the tick completely. Do not just pull the tweezers, but rotate them slightly. You can also use some of the insecticides that are harmless to cats and let the tick fall off on its own. You can also use a trick with oil or alcohol to help

Cat toilet

Cats are very clean animals by nature, but they are also shy, so for that reason, place the toilet with a toilet bowl in a slightly more secluded, darker, but easily accessible place that is not close to food containers, and clean it regularly. The toilet bowl must be half filled with litter, so that the amount of litter is sufficient to satisfy the cat's urge to bury its feces. Be sure to get a dish cleaning spatula. In the Pet Center, there is a large selection of cat litter depending on the method of maintenance you prefer (lumping, not lumping, with the addition of fragrance ...)

Cleaning from parasites

The most common worms in cats are Toxocara cati and Toxascaris leonina. They are usually 5–10 cm long, white or brown, and spaghetti-like. If a large invasion of these parasites is present, the cat can vomit them or come out with the stool whole (undamaged). In addition to digestive problems, worm infestations can sometimes seriously disrupt the general condition of the body. In kittens invaded by these intestinal parasites, a round and bloated stomach and a constant desire for food are often noticed. For that reason, in cats living in an apartment, it is very important to regularly carry out deworming and cleaning of the sandbox in order to remove the conditions for the egg to become infectious.

Also, it is very important to act preventively against fleas because they are also carriers of some types of intestinal parasites. Fortunately, there are effective drugs to treat more than one type of intestinal parasite. Pet Centers offer effective preparations for deworming cats in the form of paste (Banminth), tablets (Drontal cat, Pratel, Verpanyl) and ampoules (Advocate Cat, Profender).